Chip off the old block! “Ratiwan Srimongkolkul” adheres to the ethics in business conduct.

March 08, 2015
Prae – Ratiwan Thanathammaroj, the Managing Director of JSL Global Media Company Limited, with smiling face that shows friendliness, had a talk about work and merit-making with us, making her eyes express happiness. Why she is very happy? Please follow the latest interview.

Daughter of Jamnan Siritan Nunphakdee, the Chief Executive Officer of JSL Global Media Company Limited, program producer and quality drama, such as Johjai, Kik Duu and Chan Phan Dao, who was trained to continue and supervise the work of “JSL”, graduated with secondary education from Mater Dei School and higher education from the Faculty of Communication Arts, Assumption University (ABAC), before studying further for a master’s degree in Marketing Communications at University of London, England.

In the past, Prae never thought that she would work at the JSL because she was not good at this kind of job. This young and beautiful executive also stated that after graduating from Art Design, she wanted to work in relation to beauty that would make people watching her work feel happy. However, her mother asked her to assist the Company, as she made the decision a long time ago to continue what her mother loves. In the first period, her mother made her learn almost every department, including Public Relations, Organizational Communication, Sales Department and Production Department.

“I had to completely re-start which gave me a headache because all the work related to administration and I had to learn by myself. My mother also comforted and blamed me, as she stated that “I will not help you. I kick you to the river and release the crocodile. Let’s see how you will survive” When I was tired, I had to endure it because when my mother started establishing JSL, there were 2-3 people. Now, there are 4 people, namely Prae and Plai – Jitinat Ussadamongkol, the Director of Content Development Department, Kheng – Karin and Mai – Krit Chuphinit (The last two persons are the children of Lawan Kanchart, the Chief Executive Officer of JSL Global Media Company Limited), serve as the Deputy Managing Director. We are the young blood and confident of leading JSL to achieve the specified goals”.

Chip off the old block! “Ratiwan Thanathammaroj” adheres to the ethics in business conduct.

It is not easy to bring a gorgeous artist to wear an executive suit. However, with intention combined with her mother’s blood in her body, after 4 years of serving as an Executive of JSL, Prae has learned the work and is ready to develop new business that will be carried out by JSL, including business analysis whether old things will be reduced or new things will be added. For example, there are 6 television programs. How many programs will be added in the next year? If adding 2 programs, how will the activities in the program be conducted.

“In this year, we have a new program titled “Sopa Plaza” hosted by Pancake, Cheer, Praewa, Gib Giew, Hed Pao and Kai – Samaphon, in replace of “Khan Pak”. It is a concern because we have to plan in order to sell this program to the sponsor. After the first tape was broadcasted on 2 March, we received positive feedbacks. In addition, marketing service will be performed which is to work closely with the partners to invest in other businesses which will be considered by each case”, said Prae with full of smiles.

For the problems and obstacles, Prae admitted that there were some, but they are not the actual problem. Although JSL is a great organization, everyone observes the organizational culture very well. “Now, we have new generation workers; however, our DNAs still remains but did not transmit to all workers. Therefore, we have to adjust ourselves and hurry doing it. There are many competitors in the market, and if we do not start producing new things, our voice will not be louder than others for sure”.

Chip off the old block! “Ratiwan Thanathammaroj” adheres to the ethics in business conduct.

After the main job and family life were balanced, Prae had more time to work for society. What she adheres to in working is the business and ethics, which have to be performed together, because she believes that these two things will lead the organization to sustainably achieve the business goals.

Prae stated that she always remembers what her mother taught at all times. Her duties are not just to produce television programs, but the view and attitude of society should be changed to a positive one. A beautiful and creative view must be open for the audience and society to make them see their own value and adjust their life.

“The audience of our program will know that each of JSL’s programs contain knowledge and inspire people, such as “Johjai” or “Chan Phan Dao”. The guests invited by us may not be known in society. Upon participating in the program over night, their lives are changed from discouraged people who want to commit suicide to an encouraged people after receiving support from the audience watching from home. This makes us feel that we are just not only producing television programs, but we are also creating good content and inspiring people to see their own value and to start changing their lives. These are our goals that we have been doing for 35 years and will adhere to later on. Notwithstanding, if we start producing nonsense programs, the image that we have been attempting to make for 35 years will end immediately”.

Chip off the old block! “Ratiwan Thanathammaroj” adheres to the ethics in business conduct.

From the first date of the establishment of the “JSL” until the present, this media production company has aged 35 years already. Prae still steadily adheres to the way prepared by her mother. However, the new thing that she additionally made in this year is the official establishment of Help Network Foundation with the aim to help people who are suffering, wider than ever. “This Foundation was created by Nong Dakdae who attended the program and received money donated by people. Now, Nong Dakdae has passed away, but the donated money still remains and many kind-hearted people continuously donate money. Therefore, I have decided to establish the Foundation to thoroughly help underprivileged people and people who are suffering”.

Before leaving, this young executive also talked about JSL with a serious voice on this 35th anniversary day that even though she is really glad to have a chance to carry out the work after her mother and the old management, she deems that this is great merit by working to produce good media and millions of people that watch will feel happy as well as have the opportunity to share with each other. Hence, she will not forget the ethics that she adheres to all the time and be prompt to transmit them to the workers of all generations along with the growth of business.
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