“Plai – Jitinat” for the President of Thai Mixed Martial Arts Federation),

June 17, 2017 | Source : Johjai taped on 17 June 2017
Johjai in this episode is the story about the MMA sport or mixed martial arts inside the octagon shaped cage which has become interesting and famous around the world. Today, the guest is the President of Thai Mixed Martial Arts Federation and the Executive of JSL Global Media Company Limited, namely “Plai – Jitinat Ussadamongkol”. In the past, he was bullied by friends due to his tiny-sized body. However, he has now become a person with passion in martial arts, so he teaches the MMA to the blind. “Plai – Jitinat” stated that “At primary school, I was bullied by friends everyday due to my tiny-sized body. Hence, my mother hired a boxing trainer to train me at home and told me to go practicing and winning. After learning, I realized that I like the fighting sport. When I studied at high school in England, as I am Asian with black hair and not good in socializing, I was insulted, abused and bullied again, but I fortunately had Thai boxing skills. Moreover, I have met many friends from Taiwan and England who practice Taekwondo and Karate. We started making appointments to practice after school as the nature of a guys who wanted to show their skills. Thus, it made me like the fighting sport. Lately, I had a chance to teach the martial arts to the blind. I think that there is a few types of fighting sports that require touching, which is suitable for the blind. Furthermore, a part of this action is to enhance confidence in the subconscious mind and have an attitude of being careful…”.

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