The Company is a media institute that provides knowledge, stability and neutrality as well as sustainably creating a society with quality content. Our purpose is to be the number one content empire of the country and building international reputation.

We aim to create a variety of content that caters to the different generations of various groups of people.
We aim to develop strong behind-the-scenes persons with ethics, and quality foreground persons to develop the entertainment industry. 
We distinguish ourselves by focusing on quality and always offering value to the audience and society. Our motto is JSL people must have the passion, quality, inspiration and society to be called real JSL people.

At the same time, we adapt and adjust in order to keep up with the ever changing technology. In addition, the content that is presented must be creative like vitamins strengthening our body, mind and wisdom. We always think that good media can being about change to humans, society and the world. Importantly, media with value brings beauty in our lives making “Life is Beautiful” because we believe that all lives are beautiful. If you have eyes for seeing, ears for listening, nose for smelling and mouth for tasting, all senses should be used to absorb the beauty of everything around us. However, if we lose any of the senses, our imagination and heart will be used to draw everything around us full of color.

If everyone producing media can think like this, we believe that we can surely build a society and world with more beauty and happiness than now. All of the JSL people are dedicated in sharing our wisdom and hearts to work in order to make this world more beautiful and happier.

That is because we see that “All Lives are Beautiful”.