In the past 37 years, JSL Global Media Company Limited has changed the image of the organization to suit a changing business, carrying over the administration from the 1st generation to the 2nd generation. We are still unwavering in our belief that Life is Beautiful. 
1979 (พ.ศ.2522)
Establishment of JSL
JSL Company Limited was established by using the names of the three founders to form the Company’s name. They are Mrs. Jamnan Asadamongkol (J), Mr. Somphon Sungkhawet (S) and Mrs. Lawan Chuphinit (L). In our early stages, the Company mainly produced memorable television programs for the audience, such as Plick Lok and Concert Contest Vik 07.
1986 (พ.ศ.2529)
Establishment of Studio Active
Studio Active is an affiliate of JSL that conducts studio rental services and equipment for making films, videos, commercials and programs, performing dramas, recording video tape, as well as leasing venues to train actors. These studios are still being used to record programs at present.
1995 (พ.ศ.2538)
Establishment of Special Affairs Department
When the Company was entrusted by customers and government agencies to organize events, the Special Affairs Department was therefore established in order to support several types of events, including shows, dramatic light and sound shows, exhibitions and product launches, feasts for special occasions, opening-closing national ceremonies and meetings at all levels, such as the Opening-Closing Ceremony of the 13th Asian Games; Dramatic Light, Sound and Technique Show for the Grand Royal Barge Procession Welcoming the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in 2003.
1996 (พ.ศ.2539)
Establishment of AI (Thailand)
Animation International (Thailand) Company Limited or AI (Thailand) was established to manage the copyright of Japanese cartoons for producing merchandise or promoting sales with famous cartoons characters, such as Doraemon and Dorami.
2009 (พ.ศ.2552)
Name Change to JSL Global Media
Due to the expanding nature of the media business, the Company’s production was no longer limited to television only. Therefore, to clearly inform the customer, audience and partners of our vision, the Company changed its name to JSL Global Media Company Limited.
2015 (พ.ศ.2558)
2nd Generation
For more than 30 years, the founders of JSL Global Media Company Limited have been managing the impressive growth and strength of the organization, while overcoming many obstacles and economic crises that have passed by.