Lawan – Jamnan, the duo of television industry

February 05, 2007
In the television industry, there are very few people that do not know the duo of JSL, which people in this industry call P’Ton Lawan Kanchart and P’Noi Jamnan Siritan Nunphakdee. Both of them mutually established the JSL kingdom from a small company with 10 employees to be a great program production company having associated companies with 400 employees, and enhancing the business for other fields of work, including television dramas, special affairs, full studio and filming equipment service and complete foreign cartoon copyrights.

It has been 28 years that both of them have been assisting each other to lead JSL’s business to overcome business obstacles and crises many times. At present, JSL still stands in the television industry as a great program producer that can maintain the position of “professional” of the industry perfectly. From then to now, JSL has been producing more than 100 programs for free television in Thailand on almost every channel in various types, including game show, talk show, comedy show, variety show and drama. Additionally, in the period when talk shows and reality shows were popular, the programs produced by JSL were rated top-rated programs, especially two famous programs that generated the trend. These programs include Hiso Ban Nok, for which 3 well-known high-class people, namely Darunee Kritboonyalai, Somsak Chalachol and “Moddum” Susitsada Tancharoen, who threw their high-class life away by living as locals for 30 days recorded by 24-hour camera, resulting in the trend on television program, or “Johjai”, which is the initiated work conducted by Lawan for increasing the rate in the groups of people who like talk shows and succeeded gracefully, which was the program that received money and box for consecutive years. Last year after finishing the program titled Hiso Ban Nok, she adjusted the program schedule and started to bring the child of high-class people named Tod and Sanya Kunakorn, the famous host, to serve as the hosts, which was deemed against the trend of talk shows that were usually hosted by popular stars, singers and reporters. This program has been the audience’s favorite show until the present.
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