La Ong Dao is a Thai drama produced by JSL Global Media Company Limited. This drama was created from the script, for which its name is the same as Phanom Tien’s work. It was broadcasted on Channel 7 and performed by Akkaphan Namart, Tisanart Sornsuek and Punyaporn Poonpipat.
Host / Performer
Directed by Chatchawan Khlongchang
Script written by Phanom Tien, and television script written by Khun Chai, Suppachai KerduThai

Performed by
Akkaphan Namart – Korakot
Tisanart Sornsuek – La Ong Dao
Punyaporn Poonpipat – Phadachamai
Karasek Konin – Thatchai
Danai Smuthkochorn – Chao Khamin
Kelly Tanapat – Than Chai Sadayu
Duantem Salitul – Sadet Phraong Ying Proudnapang Napadol
Trin Settachoke – Dr. Krai
Arun Phawilai - Auttawatee