Tomorrow, Mom Won't Be Here

A remake adapted from the controversial Japanese series “Ashita Mama Ga Inai.” There is a saying in Thai that children are like pieces of white cloth. They are rays of brightness and hope, and we would like to see all of them grow up healthy, safe, and happy, with a promising future in a warm family.  But not every child has the opportunity to live like that. Some children suffer abuse and neglect, or are separated from the bosom of their parents or secure families. Tomorrow, Mom Won't Be Here series questions the social issues that occur to orphans through the young characters whom despite facing the cruel twists of fate that turned them into orphans, never give up and try to seek warm and suitable families for themselves. However, with their childlike innocence sometimes they cannot make proper decisions like adults. Prepare to hear heartfelt thoughts and encounter heartbreaking yet truthful words that many adults may have forgetten or overlooked. This series will make you love and cherish of those closest to you even more.
Host / Performer

The Principal (David Assavanont)
Passadu (Machida Suthikulpanich)
Porjai / Jamjai (Parnchanok Pansamdaeng)
Piano (Catherine Chanthawisoot)
Krajib (Jasmin Taylor)
Pah (Ploy Sornnarin)
Sing (Ud - Awat Ratanapintha)
Dream (Janchan – Jetsupa Kruetang)
Namhom (Sai – Inthira Charoenpura)
Porjai’s Mom (Pai – Sitang Punphop)
Foster Mother (Joy – Duangpon Sonthikan)
Krajib’s Mom (Tao – Sarocha Watitaphan)
Sing’s Mom (Pure – Duangjai Hiransiri)
Nam (Air – Pattrarin Panyanuttham)