Kamnan Eed (The Headwoman)

“Kamnan Eed” portrays the story of a Headwoman named Eed who has to fill in her deceased father’s shoes. Initially, Eed has no confidence whether she could bear such a heavy burden, but fortunately she gets support from Nai Van, her father’s former right-hand man, and Kru Pak, her best buddy who always lends a helping hand to her. Meanwhile Kamnan Eed also has to contend with her foil, a sheriff named Pitak, a law-abiding guy who firmly believes that men are superior to women. The story gets even more complicated when a new deputy district chief named Palad Trin meets Kamnan Eed and admires her, though she has her eyes set on Sheriff Pitak. How will this love triangle end? And how will this feisty headwoman defeat injustice in the community with her amusing ways? Tune in to find out with the sitcom ‘Kamnan Eed.’ 
Host / Performer

Arnat Lapanich
Amy Klinprathum
Au - Nawapol Phuwadol
Tubtim - Anyarin Teeratananpat
Jintara Poonlab
Ekachai Srivichai
Pairoj Jaisingh
Jim - Jejintai Antimanont
Khet - Tarakhet Petchsuksai
Sirinut Petchurai
Athiwat Sanitwong