Proud / Proud Night

“Proud” pleases women of all ages while men should not miss it. Three women with three styles, including Tak – Mayura Savetsila, Noon – Siraphun Wattanajinda and Ple – Jareyadee Spencer, host the program titled Proud…Night. It is a talk show in the form of variety that will power up and inspire life as well as bring you to explore the world with special travel. In addition, this program also provides knowledge about horoscope and fortune by specialist, namely Master Chang Thossaporn Sritula, plus activities for fans of Proud…Night.
Host / Performer

Generation 1 - Siraphun Wattanajinda, Akanit Wichiencharoen and jareyadee Spencer
Generation 2 - Mayura Sawetsila, Siraphun Wattanajinda and jareyadee Spencer