Natural remedies for anxiety caused by bad news

Category: Natural Medicine | February 14, 2020
By Dr. Nichamon Samantarat, the first naturopathic specialist in Thailand. She obtained a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine degree from Bastyr University, USA, a world-class academic center for integrating knowledge in the natural health.
How can natural therapy help reduce depression related to negative news?
Each person has different levels of visual memory and mental strength. Those who are physically unhealthy may get sick more easily. And those who are mentally unhealthy may be affected more easily when they encounter tragic events or negative news. 
If someone is already suffering from anxiety disorder or panic disorder, that person will be more susceptible to anticipatory anxiety. For example, if one has heard about a gunfight or robbery, that person will imagine what he or she would do if they were to be in that situation themselves. Therefore, they do not dare to go out because fear that the terrible events will happen to them or their loved ones. This symptom is known as anxiety disorder. 

When something bad happens, we must firstly practice mindfulness which will help us keep our wits about us and stay in the present. Mindfulness is like an exercise for the mind. For example, if going to the gym is an exercise for the body, then mindfulness is an exercise to strengthen your mind, of which there are many training methods, including the renowned Samadhi meditation. 
There are many ways to practice Samadhi meditation. Whether it’s sitting still, breathing in and out, as well as the Vipassana Meditation. The proper methods depend on each individual’s preference just like exercising. For instance, some people prefer cardio exercise, while others prefer lifting weights. 

Likewise, for Samadhi meditation, some people like to sit still, some like to control breathing, some like to recite prayers, while even some agnostics are known to practice Samadhi meditation. One may also adopt “Guided meditation” which is an interesting method for the beginners, as they will be led by voice narrations that will guide their minds.
For example, while practicing meditation, the voice narrations will say that the meditator is now sitting on the beach, the sounds of waves softly hitting the shore can be heard and the wind blowing on the face can be felt, so one can imagine it and become more relaxed.  

You can boost your mental health by:
1. When anxiety or stress hits, your brain wave will change in a manner that is different from the brain wave of those who practice meditation – by which a chemical will be released to calm their minds and enable them to better control their body and mind. On the other hand, if we can not control this function, the chemical that is emitted will make us feel anxious, frightened, and unable to control our body. 
2. If you can’t control the incoming stress, at least you should learn how to let it out. This method is called ‘Stress Management,’ which is not avoiding stress but learning how to manage it. The easiest way to reduce stress is to find fun activities that help reduce everyday stress. 

In each day there will be leisure time that we can spend with ourselves. Some people might spend the morning to calm themselves, stop thinking about work or anything else for a while, and just do something that satisfies their own happiness. Others might spend their leisure time in the evening, after coming back from work to relax themselves by taking a shower, soaking in the bathtub, applying face mask, listening to music, etc. Just having these relaxing moments every day is enough to sooth ourselves. 

3. Some people may have certain activities that make them happy, such as going to the gym, running in the park, partying with friends, or dining out – such things are not a waste of time or nonsense, and one needs to find out what helps one to relax and reduce stress.  
Others might use social media to help relieve stress, although reasonable limits should be set on social media exposure as well. Some others may like to watch funny VDO clips to relax their brains which leads to positivity. However, use of social media that causes anxiety or consuming contents that distracts the mind or causes worry are certainly not a good way to relax. 
The key is to do whatever activity it is that can make one feel happy, and to do it regularly. It can be any activity that can be done little by little and oftentimes such as reading books or playing games for an hour a day. These activities should be something that will help you relax and not affect your sleep – this in itself will bring you happiness.  

Compiled by: Winna Rakkarn
Photo credit: Unsplash