How to slow down aging in perimenopause

Category: Anti aging | December 18, 2019
Article by: Dr. Saritha Somsap, Anti-Aging, Neurology, and Pediatrics specialist
How to slow down aging in perimenopause

• Begin with changing your mindset
During the ages between 45-50 years, some people’s hormones may not change yet, because the hormone levels are not the same for each individual. The important thing is that we should not base assumptions on our actual age.
For example, as you reach your 40s, some people might be afraid that when they get older, they will suffer aging and their bodies will be not as strong as young people. They will feel more stressed as a result. The solution is to think positively or to change your mindset. For example, telling yourself to keep healthy and to live for as long as possible. Therefore, we should take care of ourselves, starting from waking up early and rejuvenating the body through regular and proper exercise. The key to slowing down the aging process begins with your own thoughts.  

• Consume a varied, well-balanced diet

The next step is about eating. If you don’t want your body to age fast, you should avoid some diets such as carbs, sugar, sweets, fried foods, grilled foods, food additives or flavoring agents.

A varied and balanced diet should be consumed, such as high-fiber foods, fruits, and healthy protein like meat.

Protein supplements such as whey protein is produced for people who want to build up muscles. However, as whey proteins are made up of large molecules, excessive consumption may lead to high blood acidity (Acidosis). Moreover, consuming high amounts of large molecular protein can cause heavy renal clearance that makes the kidney function harder and eventually leads to kidney deterioration. In addition, ensure that one drinks enough clean water, as it is the most important thing for the human body. 
• Quality rest
Quality sleep lasts around 5-8 hours, and it must be deep sleep without sleep apnea nor snoring. 
After waking up, you won’t suffer any headache, stress, daytime sleepiness, nor will you feel dry mouth, dry throat, or have any need for the use of sleeping pills.

Compiled by: Winna Rakkarn
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