Sakura is the pink Ocha-neko, a romantist. Likes being dramatic. Apparently has a crush on somebody. Her tea is cherry tea, 桜桃 [literally cherry tree-peach] (sakuranbou).
Ran is the blue Ocha-neko, a calm and quiet sort. She is very tolerant and has never been sighted angry. Likes being clean. Her tea is lavender tea, ラベンダー (rabenda-).
Min is the yellow Ocha-neko, a polite and popular cat, surrounded by friends. Her tea is jasmine tea, ジャスミン (jasumin).
So is the aquamarine Ocha-neko with tan spots, a cleanly cat loving cleaning. She also takes lots care of keeping in health. Her tea is soba tea, 蕎麦 (soba).