Opening – Closing Ceremony of 13th Asian Games in Bangkok Metropolis

In 1998, Thailand was honored by the Olympic Council of Asia to be the host of the 13th Asian Games in Bangkok Metropolis under the name of Bangkok Games. Additionally, JSL Company Limited (at that time) was selected to be the organizer of the Opening – Closing Ceremony which was impressively held as the host. The performers and officers were 5,000 persons who created the performance which satisfied the member countries. Moreover, President of the Olympic Council of Asia also officially sent an appreciation letter.

The highlight performance for which everyone can remember and were highly impressed was the last performance of the Opening Ceremony titled “Reach for the Star”. The singer who was popular at that time, namely Tata Young, performed the song called “Reach for the Star” which was particularly written by Khunying Sasima Srivikorn, added by beautiful contemporary dance performed by many volunteer performers on the field.