Rangsit University

Online Video: You are the one who will change this country, Rangsit University
The purpose is to question for raising awareness of the new generation of teenagers under the concept that you are the one who will change this country. In the video, the encouragement is built for the new generation to be aware of changing their own self to be the hope for more than millions of people who are going to be born that will be the hope of the future for the country.

Online Video: Today, we may not be the best person, but …, Rangsit University
This video is under the concept that wishing to follow in the Father’s steps is not difficult, just start to “change”. In the video, many activities are presented, for which we can easily follow the steps of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej by starting to change ourselves; for instance, giving generosity to others, respecting elders, paying attention to study, being brave to think, do, ask, thank and apologize. Today, we may not be the best person, but we have the Best King for an example. When we change, everyone changes. This is for us, His Majesty the King and our country.