“Kik Duu Songkram Pleng Ngao Sieng”, the first tape in 2018

January 05, 2018
“Kik Duu Songkram Pleng Ngao Sieng” welcomed the 2018 by offering full enjoyment and intenseness led by “Kik-Duu” in order to bring “children of the stars” who are chips that are off the old block with excellence in singing and dancing to compete the similar voice for the special tape filling up the stage. Furthermore, their fathers and mothers cheered and supported them beside the stage, including “Boat – Phuwarak Kamsing” who is the son of “Somrak Kamsing”, “Umboon – Mongkolchai Supsamruay” who is the son of “Lor Tok”, a legendary comedian, showing his abilities and entertainment skills that are not inferior to others, “Pleng – Kavita Chindawat” who is the Channel 7 actress and the daughter of “Kanchana Chindawat” that was dressed and wore full make up with hat, and
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