“Perspective” was awarded the Best Talk Show at the 8th Nataraja Awards.

July 25, 2017
The cheering sound was blasted in the hall of “Thailand Cultural Centre” after the “Perspective” was announced for receiving the award for the Best Talk Show at the 8th Nataraja Awards. This made “Per – Suwikrom Amaranon” smile from ear to ear. He declared that this is a valuable gift to celebrate the 2nd anniversary (19 July) of “Perspective”. In the past, this program received many good feedback from the “Perspective Wonder Women” Campaign. Per also affirmed that his team will continue to search for inspirational stories from the guests in order to exclusively serve the fans of this program, which will be mixed with intenseness. Therefore, he hereby confirms that this program will be of quality and full of content definitely.

“Per” revealed that “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of my brothers, sisters and friends in the mass media industry to offer me this gift for the 2nd anniversary of “Perspective”. Also, I would like to thank “P’ Toon” and “Bodyslam” for writing the song titled “Wae La Tao Nan” as the program soundtrack, which empowers us to convey the inspirational stories. Moreover, the term “Wae La Tao Nan” also has significant meaning for self-proving, for which the team can see the result today. Certainly, we will strive to prove ourselves with further tests until the last day. Additionally, I would like to express my appreciation to all the guests that were willing to spend the time to transmit the beneficial aspects to the fans of this program with the same purpose as the program that we wish everyone will apply these aspects to daily life whether it will be more or less beneficial. Furthermore, we secretly hope that this action will be a part of the preparation of good people for the society in the future. Absolutely, if there is someone who has no inspiration and way of living, we will keep working hard to our best ability in order to seek inspiration and good aspects for the audience and society later on. In conclusion, I would like to thank all of the concerning people with all my sincere heart”.

“Perspective” has been traveling until today and has turned 2 years already with more than 100 episodes and 100 inspirations. Recently, the program is prepared to convey the inspirational stories on “Perspective Online”, starting with the aspect of “Toyota” that will make you realize “the reason why Toyota can build trust and is popular with Thai people for more than 55 years” Let’s find the answer in “Perspective Online” together at 20.00 hrs. on Wednesday, 26 July 2017, on the Fanpage of PerspectiveTV, and let’s see how the “future equation” of Toyota is. Don’t miss it!
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