Life is Beautiful Perd Mum Momg Tee Suay Ngarm

March 25, 2015
The television industry in Thailand has been in a changing and developing period for a while. JSL Global Media Company Limited is one of the organizations that has created significant changing points through ideas with the determination of two female leaders who are the founders of JSL Global Media Company Limited, namely Lawan Kanchart and Jamnan Siritan Nunphakdee. Their work experience includes establishing a new standard for the industry, such as cancellation of script revealing in television drama and initiation of outdoor filming of drama, conducted by Jamnan Siritan Nunphakdee, or creating many top hosts and actors for the industry through the bright eyes of Lawan Kanchart. It can be assumed that a part of innovation of the television industry in Thailand is produced by two top ladies of JSL Global Media Company Limited. They also continue to produce good and quality work for the industry for the past 35 years. This is deemed a great opportunity as it is the first time that these two ladies will reveal their experience working at Johjai Mue Huajai Yung Ten – Panorama – 199, which is interesting and can create inspiration. In this regard, it is therefore conveyed on “Life is Beautiful Perd Mum Momg Tee Suay Ngarm” which collects stories through the view and thinking method in person, job and overcoming obstacles with 4 working principles as follows: Passion: Working with happiness, Quality: Creation of quality person and job, Inspiration: Creation of inspiration, and Society: Social contribution.

The income obtained from the book distribution after deducting the expenses will be sent to “Help Network Foundation” which was established on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of JSL Global Media Company Limited.

It is believed that this book will be able to transmit good stories and create positive inspiration for society based on ethics and code of conduct on good mass media, and make the reader receive knowledge along with entertainment and be able to utilize the good ideas, whether you are working in the mass media field or not.
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