The charm of new Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) with more enjoyment, excitement and safer than you think.

September 11, 2017
The charm of new Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) with more enjoyment, excitement and safer than you think.

The trend has been rising continuously for MMA sports (Mixed Martial Arts), which is recently ranked No. 1 in the world on the growth rate for fighting sports and ranked No. 2 in the world on money making. Many people may not know that the boxers and MMA athletes usually travel to the training camp at Phuket Province, for which it can be called that Phuket Province is the famous hub of MMA training. In addition, the exceptional competitions are arranged by Thai people, such as “ONE Championship” that was conducted at the beginning of the year by having Suki – Kamol Sukosol Clapp as the President of the event.

Lately, the content provider JSL Global Media Company Limited, represented by Plai – Jitinat Ussadamongkol, the Executive of new generation who is the Director of Content Innovation Department, turned to create MMA sport content with personal preference in this kind of sport. Hence, he put his best effort for the competition of “ONESHIN CUP Presented by TrueID” cooperating with two famous MMA fighters, including ‘Tong Wanshin’ (Chanapat Wiratchai) and Rika Ishige. This competition was arranged for the new MMA fighters to have a stage to show their abilities and a chance to develop their potential of Thai MMA athlete to become world class. Importantly, it is the first time that the international rules of the IMMAF (International Mixed Martial Arts Federation) were applied on this stage.

‘Plai – Jitinat’, as the President of TMMAF (Thai Mixed Martial Arts Federation), stated that “The idea of this event is created by me and my friends with the same interest in mixed martial arts sport. We mutually established the Federation by having Khun Tong and Khun Rika as a member. Therefore, we jointly created the idea for this competition in order to advance the growth of MMA sport at the local level to be standardized. I think that Thailand is a country with great potential in creating MMA athletes, fighters and coaches and becoming a training hub. In addition, world-class competition has started to be held in Thailand. However, for stable long-term growth, there should be a strong foundation first. We therefore apply global rules in the amateur stage to build the foundation. Thus, we expect that, in the future, we will be able to send Thai fighters to the world-class amateur stage, such as IMMAF World Championship or IMMAF Asian Continental Game”.

‘Master Tong Wanshin’, the project host of ONESHIN CUP, has the concept that “I think the charm of sport is being close to real battle as much as possible, while having the highest safety. Due to the standard rules, I think that MMA makes me use my brain like playing chess which requires thinking, special techniques and skills which we use to solve problems at that time. Thus, it will be fun without being boring because I can think all the times. I also expect that ONESHIN CUP will motivate the MMA fighters to not leave their dreams and become famous on this MMA stage”.

Rika Ishige, the project co-host, supported that “When we see MMA, the charm, what we think is that we cannot expect how the game will end, which technique will be used, and how the situation will change, leaving the audience with excitement and support. Furthermore, the view of woman towards MMA may be changing a lot. In the past, woman and MMA were perceived not to fit each other because the image looks so severe and wild. Notwithstanding, in the world class, we will see that Ronda Rousey, who is an athlete of the UFC and used to be an Olympic athlete, has become an MMA athlete, which makes many people have a new perception and pay more attention to MMA. Several women think that she inspires them and they have more interest in training in MMA, which is proof that the MMA is very suitable for women as they can train to develop their mind and for self-protection”.

Chanya Tamada, the celebrity lady who came to watch the ONESHIN CUP nearby the stage, stated that “I have been watching MMA since I was young. Moreover, I had a chance to train in MMA with Rika, and I really like it. I would say that she inspires me a lot because she is half-Japanese and has a tiny-sized body like me; thus, I thought that I could do it. After training, I really enjoyed this sport, but I would say that it will make you feel very tired as it is cardio exercise. The charm of MMA that I like is that I can practice thinking about surviving and fighting to win the game. Hence, I would like to invite all ladies to try training the MMA”.

In addition, Tong Budapest claimed that “MMA is very fun because it makes you practice thinking and analyzing the situation to survive the competition against the opponent by the gesture and mix of several sports. Many people may think that it is dangerous, but I would say that the MMA is the most safest sport because we compete under the rules, resulting in safety. Moreover, throwing an opponent on the floor by its head, striking the head and pulling the hair are prohibited, and the provided equipment has to be worn. For people who are starting to be interested in the MMA, please visit the Page of IgniteFightClub for more information”.

Finally, Sean Buranahiran, the net idol with positive thinking, also used to fight with his friends due to bullying. Therefore, he started to learn boxing and had an interest in the MMA. After training and trying, he accepted that it made him feel completely tired more than he thought. However, the charm of MMA pushed me to study for MMA information. Thus, I realize that the MMA is more than sport and exercising because it makes you practice thinking and developing your mind, resulting in consciousness and being prepared to overcome the obstacles in life”.

It is deemed the first significant step of the Mixed Martial Arts in Thailand that is ready to build a strong foundation and develop new MMA fighters, competitors and athletes to step up to the world-class arena. Additionally, it is believed that the MMA in Thailand will certainly be shining if the sponsors agree on the deep value of the charm of MMA sport.
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