“Per – Suwikrom” invited to watch “Chaosua Pan – Banthoon Lamsam”.

October 25, 2017
“Per – Suwikrom” invited to watch “Chaosua Pan – Banthoon Lamsam” who shared the complete mindset of business in order pass on to the new generation in ‘Perspective’.

The more we talk, the more we enjoy. You will be excited to hear the story of Nan Province when ‘Per – Suwikrom Amaranon’, a new generation host who is the owner of ‘Perspective’, had a chance to welcome the special guest named Chaosua Pan – Banthoon Lamsam, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Kasikornbank Public Company Limited, who has completely become a citizen of Nan Province. Despite that Khun Pan was not born or grew up here as well as having family business to supervise which is a national bank, what makes him extremely attracted, impressed and fascinated with Nan Province that he started getting serious about solving problems and conserving the forest in Nan Province. Don’t miss Perspective on Sunday, 5 November, at 21.00 hrs. on Channel 9 MCOT HD.

Perspective Team traveled to Nan Province with Khun Pan who served as a tour guide to open his large house located among the mountains and surrounded by nature. In addition, Khun Pan emphasized that “This place will be my last home”. Another highlight that made Per and his team get goose bumps is the background story of the small house named “Huen Mae Ma Fai” that was built based on personal belief that there was a woman living here for a long time who had a bond with me in my past life; hence, I built the house for her. Moreover, Khun Pan also joked that “Maybe, she is standing right next to us while you are filming in this room. Don’t be afraid. At least, she may only touch your hands”, making Per feel awkward and afraid suddenly…

Before reducing the suspicion of the reason why he strived to solve the problems related to forest in Nan Province although he was not born here, Chaosua Pan briefly stated that “Finally, it seems like humans are determined to be born for some duty, just like me who is determined to devote all knowledge and abilities that I have been collecting from the work I have done all my life in order to analyze, develop and solve this problem”.

In the last scene, both of them, including Per and Khun Pan, stood on the hill to summarize and give ideas for the new generation and all people that “Even though, there is the day that you do not know what you like, and what you are doing is not what you like but you have to do it. You should do it to the best because we cannot know the future, for which the practice on duties and responsibilities that we are doing may affect us to do it in the future which may be beyond your imagination and may be the thing we enjoy”. Follow the inspiration from Chaosua Pan “Banthoon Lamsam” in “Perspective” on this Sunday, 5 November, at 21.00 hrs. on Channel 9 MCOT HD.
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