Three artists, including ‘Nammon-Kit-King’, proudly sang the song titled ‘Palang Pan Din’.

October 30, 2016
Three artists, including ‘Nammon-Kit-King’, proudly sang the song titled ‘Palang Pan Din’.
Good wishes from the Father in order to pass on the inspiration to Thai people throughout the country.

Three artists, including Teeranai Na Nongkhai (Nammon), Kittinan Chinsamran (Kit The Voice) and Phichet Buakham (King The Voice), jointly sang the song titled ‘Palang Pan Din’ and proudly participated in the event arranged by JSL Global Media Company Limited, the great content producer to reflect the Thainess and tribute His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej in remembrance of his royal grace.

In this regard, Nammon mentioned his feeling that “When I was singing, I was thinking about lyrics in every part. The most impressive thing in this song is the teaching about unity and love for each other according to his royal teaching regarding harmony, unity as well as performing our duties to the best, and those who have already performed to the best shall realize their duties, which is an important thing. I also really like this song. If asking about the difficulty or ease, it would be difficult in terms of pitch arrangement of each singer who has a different tone. However, we should be thankful to our two producers, namely P’ Job (Papatsin Keetawongwatch) and P’ Mam (Pilaiwan Boonlon), who made each person gather into a group, resulting in unity. I am really glad and proud to be a part of this song, because we are a small part of people that had a chance to express our loyalty and do what we believe with full effort, as we are most familiar with singing. I am very proud of it”.

Kit stated that “I am really pleased to have received a call from Khun Ton (Lawan Kanchart) and know that I will be a part of this singing project in remembrance of His Majesty King Rama 9. Moreover, I am excited to cooperate with quality singers of Thailand, including Khun Nammon and Khun King, In addition, this is a combination of producers, song writers and teams of all departments who are the top of Thailand. The atmosphere in the signing session was slightly difficult on pitching. However, the conveyance of the content was more difficult since I wish this song will be important support to push Thai people forward and apply the teaching from what His Majesty the King did, to be the principles for living and power that will make us go forward together”.

King The Voice stated that “I think this song is superb and I am really proud as the singer who has performed this duty to be a representative by singing this song for Thai people. I was able to sing the song only on the third session of song recording, since I could not sing on the first two sessions, because I was so shrinking at that time. Then, P’Job asked what I was thinking when singing, and I replied that I was thinking about my father who passed away. Tears ran down and my feelings exploded. After song recording, I came back home with swollen eyes. Finally, I would like everyone to listen and share because in addition to His Majesty the King, I wish everyone who listens to this song will think of our father, try to think and apply it to daily life of what our father did for us and what we do for him today. This song is one of the beautiful songs, and the official MV of the song titled Palang Pan Din has been released which can be followed at the YouTube channel of JSLGlobalMedia”.

The song writer named Mam mentioned about mind power in this song writing that “Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to JSL who offered the chance for me again. This time is a significant opportunity to do something for His Majesty the King. I was thinking about what I should convey. Hence, I chose to tell the truth of all feelings that I have. Today is the day that His Majesty the King was not there; so, what are we going to do further. I also think that everyone likes to wish and I used to make a wish from His Majesty the King all the time. Even today, I still make a wish because the wish from his royal grace usually leads us to be free from problems. Thus, I believe that ‘wish’ is the  ‘teaching’ given by His Majesty the King, which makes everyone realize that the wish is the real teaching of His Majesty the King. If we can do it, our life will be able to overcome any obstacle”.

The most impressive thing of the content in this song is contained in every line, but the line that will make you cry may be at the hook “จงรักกันไว้ ลูกหลายไทยเพียรทำหน้าที่ อดทนทำดี รู้สามัคคี ไม่มีครั่นคร้าม ซื่อสัตย์เป็นธรรม พอเพียง มั่นคง เข้มแข็งทุกยาม ทุกคำพ่อ คือพรคอยตามคุ้มครอง ในยามที่เรามองฟ้า” as it the truth that makes us have Thailand and be Thai people together until the present because we all have the same father. Actually, we cannot call him the father, but the feeling that he governed and protected makes us feel as if we are his children. Therefore, I wish this song will be sent to your heart in order to think and act wisely and recall what his royal grace offered to Thai people. This song has many versions that has gathered more than 90 artists, stars, hosts and reporters to sing a song together which can be followed at the YouTube channel of JSLGlobalMedia”. 
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