“Per – Suwikrom Amaranon” yearns for talking about dhamma with foreign monk of the forest temple named “Phra Ajarn Chaya Sa Ro”.

November 13, 2017
“Per – Suwikrom Amaranon” yearns for talking about dhamma with foreign monk of the forest temple named “Phra Ajarn Chaya Sa Ro” and learned that life is not easy until ordaining to be a ‘monk’.

On this week, ‘Perspective’ would like to change the style by bringing you touring at Ban Rai Tor Si Abbey, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, to seek the truth of life with ‘Phra Ajarn Chaya Sa Ro’ (Sean Chaya Sa Ro), the famous English monk, whose childhood was not related to faith in any religion, but he was ordained under Buddhism in Thailand eventually. What is his inspiration that makes Phra Sean interested in Buddhism? Let’s hear the answer for the way to ‘nirvana’ that everyone can do without adhering to the yellow robe. Finally, it ends up with the knowledge that will make you think, titled ‘monk’ and ‘educational system’, and follow to see what ‘Panyaprateep School’, an intellectual school, is and how good it is. 

‘Per’ stated that “In the past, Perspective had a chance to welcome the guests in various occupations to seek the answer of inspiration of their life in order to forward to the audience and fans to follow up. In addition, in this time, I had a really good chance to talk with Phra Ajarn Sean Chaya Sa Ro, the famous English monk who has many disciples. It is unbelievable that when he was 7 years of age, he had already thought of the meaning of life. He is also determined to go ahead and prove the intention for ordination, and being a monk of the forest temple is not easy. Phra Ajarn Sean told the stories with enjoyment which made me be the only one who sat on the floor with legs tucked back to one side and forgetting about time. Finally, I would like everyone to follow up and try to apply the obtained ideas in life. Especially for people person who wish to do meditation for a long time, Phra Ajarn will give tips which is not a secret for meditation”.

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