Kiat Kitcharoen (Sumo Kik)

Kiat Kitcharoen, born on 22 September 1963, is the son of Suchada Kitcharoen, his mother, while his father has passed away. He has siblings, including Krit (Bobbie), Kob, Kanthima (Kung) and Korn (Kaew). In terms of education, he graduated from Saint Dominic School and Department of Landscape Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, the 49th Generation entering in 1981, which is known as the Sanim Noi Generation.
Career Highlights
Mekhala Award on Best Male Host from “Kammathep Phid Kew” in 1994
Award from “Krob Krua Pracha Tippatai” by the National Identity Office, the Secretariat of the Prime Minister, in 2000
The 3rd NineEntertain Awards on the Family of the Year
Host of many television programs, such as Khan Pak on Channel 7, Kik Duu on Channel 7, Sub Kha Lok on Channel 7 (2016), Yuthakarn Kayab Nguerk,
Several films and television dramas