Darunee Sutthipitak (Pekky)

Birthdate 23/06/1979
Darunee Sutthipitak, whose nickname is Pekky and stage name is Pekky Sritanya, is an artist, singer and actress that is famous from the program titled Kik Duu Songkram Pleng in the session of Prachan Ngao Sieng between Yinglee Srijumphon, Baitoey Rsiam, Ja Rsiam and Pekky Sritanya. She is outstanding by her image of funny and joyful lady with all her capabilities in any role
Career Highlights
Ngao Sieng in “Kik Duu Songkram Pleng”
Participated in 5 4 3 2 Show
Many dramas, such as Kee Pau, Samee Tee Tra (2014), Sao Noi Oi Khwan (2015)
Several films, such as Kra Duep, Wai Peng Nak Leng Kha Sun, Satree Lek Tob Lok Taek and Luang Pee Jazz 4G
Host of Khan Pak (being a guest on 23-24 December 2014)
Host of Phet Dara (on-field host of the program)
Host of “Rong Dai Hai Lan”
Host of “Rong Dai Hai Lan Luk Thung Su Cheewit”
Host of Saep Za Ta Show on True4U at 14.00 hrs.
Host of Chan Phan Dao Rong Su Fun (team leader) Chan Phan Dao Team Leader 
Host of Chan Phan Dao Rong Su Fun Season 1 (referee) started on 8 May 2017
Host of Chef Chon Chef on Wednesdays at 21.00-22.00 hrs, on Thai PBS Channel
Host of Kik Duu Ta Ngao Sieng, Commentator Team
Host of Kik Duu Songkram Pleng Ngern Lan, being a referee