JSL Global Media Company Limited put their best effort in making sport content for the battle of ONESHIN CUP.

August 16, 2017
JSL Global Media Company Limited put the best effort in making sport content for the battle of ‘ONESHIN CUP’ to search for the amateur and establish the sport standard of ‘Mixed Martial Arts’ in Thailand.

The 2nd generation of JSL Global Media Company Limited, represented by Plai – Jitinat Ussadamongkol who has accepted the position of the President of TMMAF (Thai Mixed Martial Arts Federation), recently cooperated with Master Tong Wanshin or Chanapat Wiratchai, the top professional boxer of MMA in Thailand, and ‘Tiny Doll’ or Rika Ishige, the famous female boxer, to arrange the ‘ONESHIN CUP Presented by TrueID’. This is the stage that offers the opportunity for the amateur of all occupations who is interested in the MMA sport to test their skills. Importantly, it is the first time in Thailand that the competition format and rules of the IMMAF (International Mixed Martial Arts Federation) are applied for judgment, which is deemed standardizing and upgrading the MMA industry in Thailand.

Plai – Jitinat Ussadamongkol, as the Director of Content Innovation Department, JSL Global Media Company Limited, and as the President of TMMAF (Thai Mixed Martial Arts Federation), stated that “The arrangement of ONESHIN CUP Presented by TrueID at this time aims to upgrade the competition stage of MMA for amateurs in Thailand to be internationally standardized. In addition, it will offer the opportunity to develop the skills of new MMA athletes for world-class competition and provide the new experience in order to encourage Thai people to have more interest in the MMA sport and perceive that it is neither severe nor dangerous, and there is high safety under the international rules. This event will be held on Saturday, 9 September 2017, from 10.00-20.00 hrs. at JSL Studio, located at Lat Phrao 107 Alley, 2 Sub-Alley. In the morning session, the competition of 3 classes will be arranged, including Bantam Weight Tournament, Feather Weight Tournament and Light Weight Tournament. On the other hand, in the afternoon session, there will be the Super Fight competition of 3 classes, and ended by the Pro MMA competition of 7 classes. Furthermore, this event is honored by ‘Na Ting Hardcore’ or Suwat Klinkesorn, who will provide commentary, supported by his son, namely ‘Por Hardcore’ or Wasu Klinkesorn, and Plam – Thanyawit Jenaksorn, who will serve as the host. In addition, you are invited to watch the Special Show Case arranged by Sean Buranahiran, the net idol with positive thinking, who will test his skills with Tong Budapest (Suranan Sumtaratorn).
In this regard, I would like to invite people who are interested in this sport to attend the event at JSL Studio, by registering in the Inbox of the Page of IgniteFightClub, and watch the live broadcast from 17.00 hrs. onwards on 4 channels as follows: www.ignitefightclub.com, Page Facebook: IgniteFightClub, YouTube : IgniteFightClub, and TrueID Application”.
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